Defining Blog Love

I first heard the term from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. And I kinda under stood what “blog love” was. But it seems there are really a few definitions of blog love. For some, subscribing to many blogs via RSS is blog love. I got this definition on Daniele Capistrano’s blog. Daniela brags of collecting blogs via rss with the same veracity as a child of the 90’s collected pogs. Then there is the definition of “blog love” that kinda just means to love blogging. I think this bumper sticker sums it up.

One person defines blog love as leaving comments on other people’s blogs and particularly on people who are new to blogging.

So, I’ve been trying to do this little blog love thing, rather than just flying by some of the blogs I read, I’ve been making more of an effort to post a couple comments here and there, and I’ve especially been trying to stop in and give a hello to new bloggers… spreading some blog love… I’d love to see others spreading the love, but I’m afraid my little blog just doesn’t have the power… but I’m trying anyway

I think the definition that Sheryl was talking about is the idea that if you get some information or a quote from a blog that you should site that blog. But you not only site the blog but you hyperlink to the blog you got the information from. It has been a little over a week now and I am a blogger. I am, and I know it is too soon, getting a bit disappointed that I am not getting people that I don’t know to comment on my blog. That does not mean that I don’t extremely appreciate the people who have left me comments. I have been doing acts of blog love and I would hope that some of the love would come back my way.

Also, from what I understand from my short tenure as a blogger, blog love is an unwritten rule much the way you don’t bunt in baseball when you are up a lot of runs. Just like you don’t steal bases when you are beating a team by many runs. Blog love is the same way. You just don’t mention someone’s name in a blog without linking it to his or her blog. You also don’t copy and paste something from someone’s blog with out citing it and hyperlinking to the original blog.
To get more people to comment on my blog, I have been doing self-serving things. I have been commenting on blogs and I have been hyperlinking in people’s comments to my own blog. What would you call this type of self-serving blog love? What ever you call it I feel a little un-clean.

Am I missing anything? Should I be doing other acts of blog love that I am not doing or I missed in this post? I’m asking for your guidance.

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  1.    Rick Weinberg Says:

    I guess since no one has responded to this post yet, I will. What is a ping or a trackback? Are these a form of blog love or some kind of web 2.0 etiquette? Can someone help me do these things?

  2.    Scott Anderson Says:

    Welcome to blogging, it takes some time to get people to respond. But Sheryl tossed a tweet out and you should see few comments coming in very soon.

  3.    Brian Crosby Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!!!
    A trackback happens when someone puts a link to a post you made on their blog – it shows up as a comment like this but it has three dots before and after it. Like this:

    … Just read a great post about …

    hope that helps – Sheryl asked me to comment, so here it is.

    Look at some other blogs – click on their comments and you’ll probably see an example of a trackback.
    Learning is messy!

  4.    Paul Harrington Says:

    welcome to the world of blogging – you will now find a whole world of new friends :)
    Paul H Wales UK

  5.    John Blake Says:

    Enjoyed reading your post. Blog Love at you.

  6.    Mark Wagner Says:

    Hey, Tech Ed Guy. I think the key is to any of the things you mention in a genuine way. It’s good to learn (or be aware) that commenting on others blogs and providing what Alan Levine calls “linktribution” (attribution via a link) is good netiquette, but I think people can smell someone who’s fishing for a link or comment in return (not unlike giving compliments face-to-face). You’ll find the best results when your comments and homages are genuine, too.

    In any case, I too am here on account of Sheryl’s tweet, and I suspect she may have done that (at least in part) because you linked to her – and she was genuinely moved by your very transparent post. ;)


  7.    Mark Wagner Says:

    There’s a “do” missing from my first sentence above. ;)

  8.    Cheryl Oakes Says:

    Really, as you can see, it is about the conversations. Engagement, replies and conversations are the hooks for me. Enjoy. SNB pointed your blog out to us at Twitter, another great social networking too.

  9.    Karen Janowski Says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!
    As you can see, it’s exciting and motivating to receive comments and to reach an audience beyond the typical audience of one in our classrooms. So spread the word where you work so that teachers will start employing tools like this which are motivating for our students (and ourselves! I LOVE comments on my blog as well. It makes us feel like we are making a difference).

  10.    Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Says:

    How’s that for instant love. :)

  11.    rickweinberg Says:

    Thank you for all the comments and spreading the word. I think I actually got some good advice too. I think maybe I’m trying too hard. I think it will just come. I will have to advertise my blog to my teachers and people in my workshops. I just hope I have something to say that they will want to read and respond to.

    Thanks again

  12.    technotuesday Says:

    Welcome to a new way of thinking too. Soon you’ll be so addicted to your reader you will winder what email is….
    I spread some blog love to some of the newbies from BLC two weeks ago. I wanted to make them feel welcome and needed. Everyone needs an audience once in a while.
    Cathy Nelson

  13.    Nancy White Says:

    For me, blog love has to be just that, love, not yet-another-gimmick. So link when you feel the love, not just because you think you should. Then it will come back to you. That’s the magic.

  14.    Colette Cassinelli Says:

    After a year blogging for homework for my MA in Ed Tech and reading edtech blogs – I too am ready to enter the world of “professional” blogging. Each of us has a voice and something important to share. I have learned more from reading blogs this past year than any subscription from a professional magazine. You’ll pick up hints here and there. Here is one from me: make sure you add tags to each of your posts and include your name as one of the tags. Register your blog with Technorati and you can see who else links to your blog. Good luck. You are now officially on my RSS radar!

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